gel effect top coat

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Nail lacquer- Duo: Gel-manicure without lamp – glossy, fast-drying, durability

Bright shine and color that look like you just left the nail salon: The perfectly matching duo with gel effect transform boring nails into radiant eye-catchers in a few minutes with minimum effort.

Gel effect color:
o Smooth and stripe-less result due to the perfect combination of a supple texture and a perfectly curved brush.
o Includes a highly effective gel suspension which forms a film and thus facilitates the application and improves the coverage of the lacquer.

Gel effect top coat:
o Glossy gel-effect shine: An effective UV- filter protects the color from fading and provides long-lasting brilliance and increased durability thanks to the innovative formula.
o Besides, the Top Coat dries your color lacquer in record speed.

Used together, the two lacquers yield the perfect combination of intensive color and bright shine. The gel effect top coat seals the gel effect color and assures an improved durability of up to 8 days: For nourished and attractive nails that last. Easy removal: The nail lacquer is removed using a classic nail polish remover. The application is gentle to the nails and allows you to create new looks at any time. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Suitable for sensitive skin. Free from formaldehyde.

How to get an AH-mazing look

Step 1 gel effect color: - Apply 1- 2 thin layers of your chosen color on your nail Step 2 gel effect top coat: - Apply the top coat on the still wet nails, so that it can dry them in record speed

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gel effect top coat
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